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What do I have to look for when buying an MB 100 D

Important facts when buying a MB100 (years of construction: 1985-1995)

Basics: The MB 100 has no big demands in technology and road performance. He has a stable leading pipe frame, front-wheel drive and a reliable 4 cylinder suction diesel vestibule engine with five-speed gearbox. These facts make him a reliable working bull with varied applicability.

It was built from 1985 till 1995 in Spain, Ole! Serially there was a MB 100 with short or long execution and with or without high-level roof. With 1.85-m inside the models with high-level roof for most people offer standing height. All models have at least two tiltable rear doors, a sliding door on the right and in front of course the doors for drivers and front seat passengers. One distinguishes as well between closed "truck" (optionally with an other sliding door on the left or only one sliding door on the right) with place for drivers and front seat passengers and partition (horizontally divided, that can be taken apart) between driver's cab and loading bay, the "estate car" with two more windows and the second row for a total of 4 persons (with driver) and partition to the loading bay as well as the "coach" with 9 seats and completely available glazing. In addition, there was one more execution with fool's wand / tarpaulin. 8/1991 it came to a "model change". Small cosmetic changes were carried out in the "snout", mb more achievement, a postglow-capable control device and a little bit changed armature bearer got by slight modifications in the cylinder head few HP. The rear bumper was pulled around the corners (however, these are still still mostly dented). In special vehicles there is a variety in camper superstructures, medium-sized coaches with place for about 20 persons, armoured monetary transporters, sales carriages and pickaback-tow trucks. Here from the acceleration values I do not want to talk overmuch, if it says only that the Kutter by every full streetcar laxly takes up. The expert is quiet and enjoys ....! (According to an unconfirmed rumour the family in campers behind also during a gentleman's start can play just like that PICK-UP-STICKS.) So who has created it up to here is interested if possible seriously in the procurement 1 mb 100 and becomes about certain details give want to know.


CHASSIS: The MB 100 is a front driven transporter. The rear axle is stiff, carried by two mighty leaf springs and thus relatively humble what servicing and driving behaviour concerns. Differently the front axle, this by the rather unusual rotary sticks is fitted with springs. Because this trick or Torsionsstäbe are led concentric by the stub axle camps this assembly needs regular manual lubrication by means of cartouches fat press. Every side shows two lubricating nipples (in each case before and behind the upper shock absorber admission), one both a little bit hidden. If this service measure is not carried out regularly the front axle "festgehen" is able to. Then the carriage "hops", fitted with springs only more by tyre air and chassis rubber, stubborn by the area. The repair can be very costly, however, does not have to go.

STEERING SYSTEM: The MB 100 has a servo steering gear. Early models were also delivered without Servo, of it is to be advised. A handlebar leads in parallel with Fahrzeuglängsachse of the Servogetriebe to the back to the left one of the both in the frame fastened bell crank. From there the strength spreads to the second bell crank by means of trace pole. Both storage of the bell crank likewise shows a lubricating nipple. Because these fittings are accessible only from below their lubrication is often neglected! Thereby it can come to bigger play or heaviness of the steering system. In the worst case an expensive repair queues!

BRAKE: Behind there is two drum braking with a braking power regulator dependent on load. In front two double piston calipers with inside-ventilated discs. Older MB 100 often have congested brake hoses in the front axle. Thereby it comes not only to bad brake behaviour but also to blocked brake cylinders with all disagreeable results. Here one should especially pay attention with the buying and convince himself of the flawless state.

ENGINE: All MB 100s(except the medium-sized coach with 5 cylinders) are driven by a Mercedes 4 cylinder 4 tact rows suction diesel engine with elevated cam wave (timing chain), vestibules, glow pencil candles and BOSCH rows injection pump. With it achievedly of mb 100 a registered top speed of 126 km/h as well as excellent PÖL (vegetable oil) compatibility. Several times was reported about speedometer speeds up to 145 km/h what may lie with the standard dispersion of the engines and gears as well as the speedometers. As an appoximate value with a test run I would accept a speedometer speed of 130 km/h as a token of full achievement development. With the model change 91/92 the achievement was increased by slight modifications in the cylinder head of 53 kW on 55 kW. The hanging valves operated about towed lever (2 cylinder) must be checked everything 30,000 for correct play and be followed if necessary! The engine is basically highly loadable and full power-steady, however, must be fit as a fiddle (like all the others also) in addition.

GEAR: the little bit hooking five-speed gearbox wants to be cleanly geschalten. Otherwise it is unobtrusive and humble. Above all, somewhat the recalcitrant second gear seems to be normal. A gear oil change can often work miracles with suitable kilometre achievement. The first models were delivered with a 5-speed gear with the reverse gear in front on the left. These models kept breaking down extremly often, leave your hands off them!

COOLING the cooling is not overdimensional. If all components are OK it is sufficient for all cases. If the cooler has itself, however, without one can see this immediately, already a little bit "vibrated apart", there are leaks and with it to deep coolant state or is of the visoblower defective so, however, it can quickly lead to fatal overheatng. This is a weak point worth mentioning in the cars cabin under the armature bearer located heating rule valve which is to be regulated, unfortunately, not only a little sensitively, but also with pleasure becomes leaking.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: The electrical system is very simple. Only the ground strap (a twisted metal tape) between engine and the vehicle body is to be mentioned. It disintegrates after some years and should always be renewed on time.

COUPLING: "Einscheibentrockenkupplung" With the older models over rope train, with the newer models operates hydraulically. The coupling is relatively long-lasting (appoximate value 150,000 km, +/-50,000 km). One should know that the change is luxurious and is rather expensive with it. KARROSSERIE/RUST steel metal construction, ungalvanized one. I find the steel no bad quality has, on some points where with pleasure rust is found is to be respected: The metal about the windscreen with normally high models, the footwells in front under the mats, the B columns inside, all lower edges the cirque horse, especially with the sliding doors. The across striving on the vehicle ground with missing or cracked oval elastic stopper. Absolutely the guide rail of the Schiebetüre is to be checked in the ground metal. This rusts through with pleasure in the area of the small cross beams and then is to be repaired only with big expenditure. From Mercedes there is only the complete ground metal. The area under the battery is like the exhaust arrangement also to control.

OTHER: Controlling the ball bearings of the wiper arms. They have often already worn out and have rusted. The device to the measurement of the fuel filling state in the tank is very susceptible. There is no MB 100 correct and free of delay registers! The tank encloses 70 litres according to work information. However, with many is finished already after 50 vereuerten litres. Why this is so lies still (02.01.2004) in the darkness. Otherwise one can only say that of MB 100 a likeable and loyal vehicle is with an easy technology and some specific features is. He gives a receipt for the bisserl additional expenditure in servicing with a long life. Run achievements of several 100tkm are no rarity. And now a lot of success with the search and a lot of fun as a newly-wed "Kutter" captain!

Attention: This very bad online english needs to be improved by all of you